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Let's go!
Lost sight of all you dreamed of
the force that swept you away
the leaves were changing and the tree was rearranging
the season had swallowed the day
you want everything
unfair it may seem
your eyes have been closed for so long
we tried to make the break
what about give and take
some times will come when you are wrong
I sense the new day has fallen
I see the trouble in your eyes
the tree will fall
I'm not crying at all it's no suprise...
Your jaded eyes
I hope you found the road you wanted
I could not find the words to say
the lies were spoken and the promises broken
a wave of illusion dismay
you want everything
unfair it may seem your will has been gone for so long
we tried to make a break
what about give & take the rights not outweighing the wrong

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