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why do you make this sound so difficult to say
you follow me around
you will not go away
you get into my car and you expect a ride,
i wanna go into a hole and hide
oh what can we do when we think of you
you call me in the morning
and you get me out of bed
i can not get your ugly face out of my head
you are not a woman
you are just a little girl
you're nowhere near
you're nowhere near the real world
oh no
oh what can we do when we think of you
what we do when we think of you!
why can't have a real woman
someone to watch over me
someone to sat by my side when im sleeping
i dont want anymore little girls coming around no more
i just want a real woman
not a whore
give me your heart
i just might break it
give me your chance
i'm gonna take it
give me chance
you throw me your love,
you give me what you've got
but im warning the people have said enough

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