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Drinking for eleven, that's just what i do,
When i'm not with you,
My heart goes to bed
End of the bar, that's just where i'll be,
Don't try and come find me
Cause i'm already dead
With one eye tied upon the open road
I feel your presence and i can't let it go
It moves so slowly as it creeps into my mind,
Steals every breath i have and leaves my heart behind
Wanna know what you're feeling if your feeling alone
I wanna hear if you still care
The last time i remember you was the last time i wasn't scared
When the nights start fading and the mornin' arrives
I wanna still feel you around
Will you creep into my head again and pick me up off the ground
Once more and tell me what you're fighting for
Gotta try gotta try for tomorrow
When you can't see through to day
There's nowhere left to stay
Sometimes i feel like im out here all alone
Just one in million stuck with no place left to go
The fear steps up to me with every move that i make
Following close behind my soul it wants to take

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