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Antarctica - text

Damn girl you fine as shit, too bad that I wanna kill you
Fuck your corpse dry, sell your body for a venue
Have I gone insane? I don't know, that's an issue
Let me get some tissue ain't nobody gonna miss you
Tried to be a gentlemen but all you women fuckin' hate me
There's no reason to date me I'm too weird, I'm too crazy
I'm tired of you bitches thinking why there's so much rape
Turning niggas down so much, end up eatin' off the floor
Listen whore, what's my name? That's not it, such a shame
Bitch I'm not the one to blame, watch your life go down the drain
Cut your clitoris in pieces, write a thesis, pain is pleasure such a treasure but however what is life? Dicing bodies up?
I don't give a fuck, life is hard enough for me
Imma make it rough for you, and your fucking family
Woe is me, growing colder everyday just like the winter breeze
No other place for you but on your knees

You, you, made me in a monster
That shit does not make any sense
I don't even care anymore (repeat)

[Verse 2]
Tired of being mad so much I wanna kill a bitch
I'm a person not a tool, I don't need a stitch
All my life I've been defeated why am I still here
Too weird for women I don't need 'em Imma be a queer
Fuck you kill yourself, leave me be just like my wealth
Hidden like I'm made of stealth, death is full of mystery
Bleed bitch, drink bleach, rub your pussy with a leech
I don't feel remorse, eat your corpse, I'll just fuck a horse

Die bitch I'm colder than Russia during the winter
Sharper than any splinter you niggas are just beginners
I'm crazy, I'm different, no need to say I'm trippin'
Your anus I am rippin' like an acrobat I'm flippin
Oh my god I'm so insane, no one has these types of thoughts
Life is perfect all the time, sunny skies everyday
Go away you need some help you're losing all your mental-
Well, give a fuck 'bout what you think, here's my belt, hang yourself


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