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Our Only Hope - text

She still keeps the pictures up of who she lost
Joy is a memory that she forgot
Life wasn’t fair to her
A cold room and all alone
She cries tonight, her prayers are angry words
They’re questions why life wasn’t fair to her

You’re healer to the broken
Shepherd to the lost
Father to the orphan
Adopted by the cross
There’s comfort in Your arms
It’s where our healing starts
Our only hope is Jesus

He’s tired of carrying his father’s words
Telling him he’s not enough, he has no worth
He’s memorized the lines
He works his life away to measure up
And all he’s left with is empty love
Even he can find the love he’s been denied


Our only hope is Jesus

Even though I walk down broken roads
I will never have to walk alone
When I cannot stand on my own feet, You will carry me


Our only hope is Jesus
Our only hope is Jesus
Our only hope is Jesus

Text přidal Jochanan


Dara Maclean texty

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