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Only Grace - text

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It’s easier to love You
Than to ever love myself
I’d be the first to forgive You
But I can’t forgive myself
I’m trying hard to let You know
I’m trying hard to let it go
But you can’t hold broken pieces together
Only grace can mend and make me whole
Only grace can restore my soul
But You can’t earn the grace that took your place
And the blood that speaks for you
Only grace, only grace can do that
You could spend your whole life haunted
By a past that’s He’s forgotten
If we could just receive it
Like a bird we would fly free
Every gift the Father gives
He gives and gives again
It’s got nothing to do with me and you
That’s just who He is
Can you feel the grace
Pouring down like rain
It’s almost too good to believe it
It overwhelms the shame
It’s effortless change
Now can we just receive it
Grace, grace
You can do that
Grace, you, you, you, can do that
Grace can do that

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