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Uhh, this that mothafuExplainckin' millionaire music you feel me?
You can't believe it, it's ridiculous, belligerent
Oh my bad I'm just killin' shit, I'm killin' shit
A girl a girl, a bitch a bitch, a bitch a bitch
Smart dude, we gettin' ignorant, that's ignorant X2
[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Hey, so I just bought another Rolie and that shit is Goldie Hawn
Better get it before it's gone because my shop been open long
I stay smokin' on that strong, I'm smokin' on that strong
Then go and take a hand full of drugs, what the fuck is goin' on?
Bein' rich? well that's fun as hell, these bitches come like they under spells
Yo Mr. Jobs you see I'm a Mac, but I'm rollin' deep like Adele
I'm Robert Downey Jr., you more like Steve Carell
So get smart, no head starts, put a Lion on a Gazelle
You tryna to rhyme cause you idolize what I design for myself
But it's hard to find these bars of mine, so Columbine your self
I don't hate ya bitch, just fakin' rich, I get paper like Ray J Camberidge
I'm best friends with my banker shit, gave her fifty racks just to make a wish
Brand new crib I'm paintin' it, half a mil just paid for it
No thanksgiving paradin' this, but we marchin' like the Saint's came in
So run and hide, eyes open wide because this will be your jam
Just burn a dutch and turn it up as I pass it off to Cam, damn
I got that Mac with me (huh.. huh)
I got that Mac with me (huh.. huh)
I got that Mac with me
[Verse 2: Cam'ron]
Yo, we never met before but there will be a mess for sure
When I was a baby my crib, was Mom's dresser drawer
Infa-red, blastin' guns, duckin' shots, another K, another tank
Another Glock, they smokin' weed, shippin' E, crushin' rocks
Forget the Porsche they want your baby mother's box
And you pamper honey, word he pamper honey
And she suckin' dick for formula and Pamper money
And a real thug don't play that, laid back where the mac and the K at
Yayo turned to the straight crack, Maybach black with a gat won't say jack
I got that Mac with me

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