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Doodling In The Key Of C Sharp - text

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6:26 in the morning
I just made this beat because I realized I enjoy playing the piano
Ah you know, fuck you.
No one is in the room with me right now so I'm gonna to record this myself.
I'mma try and do this all in one take, there's not alot of editing because I'm to drunk to edit
And that's just the truth of the matter.
Alright let's go
I said raps is cold about 20 below
I just realized I don't give a fuck anymo(re)
Used to look into the mirror asking where would this go?
Got big quick kinda wish that I was taking it slow.
It takes balls to go break from the mould
I guess I did that.
Still got some dumb ass fans who want K.I.D.S. back.
And I forget that there twelve year old I must accept that
Should probably stop thinking so much and just rap.
I wish live was kinda easier to figure out
I wish it was like Ferris Bueller trying to singing twist and shout.
Got a couple reasons that I'll stick around
But for the most part this shit is foul.
I place my hand on a stove top to see if I'm awake
I heard you taking bath-salts and eating people's face
Saw the people I know personally
See they act a certain way because they working for me
And if you take that as a diss, that means I'm talking to you
Know I never look down I got knots in my shoe-
Strings, made some money and bought me a few things
This ain't shit I'm just doodling (ahah)
I'm sick of going to the movies and people looking at me
Inquire bout some shit that they know they shouldn't ask me
Hollywood got every girl around the world fasting
Like eating was a sin when really beauty lies within
Guess I wouldn't fuck me a fat bitch
I just disagree with you, determining fat is
Wanna go to Israel to see if there's a God there
For now I'm bout to smoke some blunts and post in this lawn chair
Could of been the mayor because I'm excellent with politics
People never say what's on their mind because they're on a mission
Who do you think you are?
And may God damn your soul if you forgotten tradition
Locked inside a box, a prison
Somewhere there I saw a vision
Met this girl with innocence
And stole it while on top of linens
Roger, word to Roger Clemens
That don't mean a thing
I'm in love with making melodies but scared to even sing
Freaking judgmental fuckheads talking bout my life
You don't know me and if you did you'd say I'm nice
Everyone I see always has some cool advice
Bout what they do if they were me and all the issues they would fight
You could never fathom what this shit is like
And I hope you turn your bitch to dyke
My kryptonite is me

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