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Look, concoction of hamentashens, launching a bottle rocket
Done being nice, I'm here for your life and all the profits
I'm not your conscience, you nuts? Almonds and Häagen-Dazs
Auction off your grandfather's watch from the Holocaust
I'm iconic, naked walking in the garden and bird watching
Alarming all of these cardinals like I need a pope
Puffing that white smoke, get faded and play the maestro
I'm ice cold, bunny slippers, nice robe
Sneaky bitch stole my Rolly last night, yo
I might know some dyke hoes who can fight though
Walking on a tight rope, underneath a microscope
But close up, we all just molecules and isotopes
What psychic don't know the future?
To live life, you kids might just close your computer
The street lights might blind you, though
Make a collage and look at it through a kaleidoscope
There's a bird in the sky
Look at him fly
Why, Why, Why, Why, Why
Why, Why, Why, Why, Why
Clutchin' on the pound
I was runnin' round
Life's a motherfuckin' joke so we fuck around
Feel like I do this in my sleep
Literally, I do this in my sleep
A little TV money, dollars for sense of humour
Scholar for my attendance like Bueller, so no use for a tutor
Some cold brews in the cooler
Coming through in the wood grain PT cruiser, stuntin'
I'm pissed off like a blind person looking for a restroom
Probably be dead soon inhaling cigarette fumes
Sorry for that blind people comment, that was just rude
And I was raised better, say God bless you
I'm Kenny Powers, you're more of a Debbie Downer
My bitch taking off her trousers every time I get around her
I'm nasty, I never shower, go sleep on a bed of flowers
Not into this conversation, I've been in my head for hours
I'm out
There's a bird in the sky
Look at him fly
Why, Why, Why, Why, Why
Why, Why, Why, Why, Why

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