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[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Y'all is dead weight, less great, always gettin' second place
I tend to race ahead of pace, dippin' while I'm dressed in Bape
Then they chase, catch me if you can, I ain't Dicaprio
This lucid dream will have you go like half a dose of Adderall
Capicola sandwich's are tasty from Primanti's
I'm a 5'7 giant, Brandon Jacobs, Eli Manning
Girls want makeup, get demanding, but they fake like orange tanning
So my girl and I be up like we some college students cramming
For a test that we ain't study for, wonder will she love me more
With money, cause if not, I'm not sure what all this money for
Feelin' like a hundred wars are goin' on currently
Soldiers sent to death on some jets for the currency
Poison, take this mercury, I'll teach you for a learner's fee
How to turn your girlfriend to a circus freak
Cool by the word of Keith, fabric by the hand of Zeus
Actin' like you fuckin' with me, that's some shit I can't excuse
Focus is on manual, control the panoramic view, universe
You got a chance, don't blow it like how a tuba works
I plan to do, somethin' that ain't tangible
Now I'm bout to hand it to
The homie Michael Rock, hear what he sayin' to you
[Verse 2: Sir Michael Rocks]
Take a trip, took a mali-alie out a bank a populari
And the word around the city is he sit in a Ferrari
I told my self I wouldn't get it, I'm sorry
That's my bad, I party till my cardies get foggy
Can't keep her hands off of me, got her locked, then lost the key
We smoke, make it hard to see, we go harder then the Carter one
Excuse me baby pardon me, can you fuck me like the honeymoon?
Not saying its coming soon, but I want the real show
Get me the treatment that you getting all the pill fo
The shit they payin all the bills fo

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