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Nick nack patty whack give a ho sum donkey
Listen to the bass line don't it sound funky
Who could be in the place to stay
That's right Ho, Mac muthafuckin Dre
One more time back in your ear
Those dope ass raps u luv to hear
Cold as ice, nuthin nice
If I thrust u once, Ho I'm a thrus u twice
That's right and u no the deal
U don't want the baby ho take the pill
Cause I'm bust fables back to back
And when I get tired, I'm a take a nap
And when wake up, I'm a bath sum more
It's the same routine until It's time to go
U, get watz in my drawz, and girl I get the suga wallz
Oh, u didn't know about me
The A the N the D the R the E
Well peep game it goes like this
I hold my mic tight, like my dick when I piss
Cause when it comes to cock
Girl I won't clean it
Always got my damn hat to the muthafuckin jimmy
Cold and bold, 19 years old
With a brain full of game to be told
I'm from the V town, and the C down
And a sucka don't wanna see me clown
Who, Who could it be
Thatz right Mac Dre baby
Funky fresh, in the flesh
It's me Khyree and my joint in zess
Doin it, like a porno star
Hittin In your box, or in your car
Cool, like the sweat from a snowman
Kick back relax, and listen here we go man
To the land of the dope rhyme
And as the song flows on
I really hope I'm not too dirty I rap too strong
With my mouth piece, man watz really goin on
From Vallejo, California all the way 2 China
Hoes of the world
Know I'm a stone cold Macc with the gift to spit
Nuthin but that dope shit
So damn fly, don' ask me Y
I smoke indo and I smoke Tai
Mac Dre, I thought u new
Young cuddy doin things that only playas can do
The coldest MC on this here Earth
Had to be fresh from the Crestside turf (Crestside!)
Southside sucka, who thinks he can rhyme
But a crestside playa that's straped with a 9
(A 9) A 9 (A 9) A 9
And it don't stop, (and it don't stop)
I say microphone check 1 2 1 2
It's young Mac Dre, right back at u
With another dose of that dope
See I'm way more holy then e pope
The young black brotha on the mic yoll
I'm gonna rock this muthafucka all night yoll
Just spittin dope shit n and to a nice smooth beat that's hittin
Cold as ice, clean as soap
I keep a fresh pack of zags in my dirty coat
24 hours around clock, 7 days a week I'm a prowl for cock
Day in and day out
I spit and shout
A true new mac, no wat I'm talkin about
I spit game, straight game, get back let it soak in ya brain
Listen to me spit that pimpin tip
I put the money 2 the wallet and the pussy 2 the dick
Smack a bitch, slap a pet
Put my muthafuccin tape in ya got damn decc
Man take the bitch, break the bitch
All my cuddies man shake the bitch
Straight out side when I come thru top
Leave a muthaphuckin crowd in the parkin lot
Note the brains, do sum things
Put mouth to your money man fuck the change
Play that ho like a game of checkers
Treat her like take your money and break her
Cause a hoe(hoe) ain't no good
Whoop her punk ass, man I sure wood
It's nike (nike), u got 2 be deaf
Take all the money until there ain't none left
See sum young brotha who get her tongue(get her tongue)
Listen to the bitch, then she'll get u sprung
That ain't the tip, oh nah(oh nah)
U stupid muthaphucka witz wrong with yal
It don't take all that, 2 get that hoe
If u can't get a nigga, than trick that hoe
Cause when u come up, she'll be jockin
On the front door man she'll be knockin
On her way in straight 2 the covers
That's the way it goes, believe me brotha
If been threw it all, it don't mean nuthin
The pussy ain't shit make the hoe pay somethin
It's Mac Dre, yeah wat I say
I spit the GIFT TO GAB, nigga everyday
Pimpin, straight Pimpin, I don't want 2 see u simpin
Listen 2 my tape play it all the time
And when it's over, man press rewind
Cause it's dope shit, u got 2 hear it
And when I'm dun nigga u gonna clear it
To the top I'm goin
Bitch, I'm blowin

The romp ho the romp ho the rom the rom the rom romp ho
The romp ho the romp ho the rom the rom the rom romp ho

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Young Black Brotha

MAC DRE texty

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