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(padlock padlock padlock my heart) [x4]

(locking uplocking up now)
(locking up) [x3]
(locking up now)
(locking up) [x2]

[verse 1]
I've done enough complaining to my girlfriends.
My romeo you'll never ever change.
All my love - got to now release it
'cos my heart has no room in it for pain.
Don't you think tomorrow we will wake up.
I can't believe this state of love.
You blew it you blew ityou blew...

So I'm padlockin' my heart.
You and I are finished.
Padlockin' my heart.
Love has been evicted.
Padlockin' my heart.
You ain't welcome here no more.
I'm locking up the door. (locking uplocking up now) [x2]
I don't love you no more. (locking uplocking up now)
(locking uplocking up)

I've packed your things
And left them in the hallway.
And my telephone number has been changed.
Pawned your ring and used the cash to celebrate
Of being alone so get this through your brain.
Happy free and ready for some new love.
{you're} not for me and never was.
You blew it you blew ityou blew...


(padlock padlock padlock my heart) [x2]

C'mon hit the road jack and I'll help you pack.
If you leave right away it will make my day.
Don't wanna see you'cos I don't need you.

[verse 1]


I don't wanna see you'cos I don't need you. nononono. [x4]

(padlockpadlockpadlock my heart) [x4]

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