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Sign Your Name - text


[Verse 1]
Fortunately you, have someone who relies on you
Started out as friends
But the thought of you just caves me in
Sunk in so deep, now it's much to late to turn away
Started out as friends

Sign Your Name Across My heart
I want you to b my lady
Sign YOur name across my heart
I want you to be my baby

[Verse 2]
TIme is sure to bring disappointments and some many things
IT seems to be the way when you can bring cause and lovely play
I'd rather be in hell with you baby, then in cool heaven
It seems seems to b the way

[Repeat Chorus]

Lets look back into the sun before the day is done
Oh tha light shines bright on a pieceful day
Strang for us to deal them
Should i stay and go the right way

All alone wit you make the butterflies in me arise
Slowly we make love and the earth rotates to our dictates
Slowly we make love

[Repeat chorus til fades]

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Kevin Lyttle

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