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Forever Gone ( Mariann Shaw ) - text

Forever gone, you will be in my heart
Your never gone, you will live in my heart
Every day, it'll be alright
In this tragedy, there is life
May the Lord lead you, the Lord keep you, the Lord see you goodbye
Where's the hope through any struggle and pain
Watch the rain fall down through the window pane
Things seem aimless, when we're drained it changes
Everything in our frame, when we break we're shapeless
We never really mean to hurt this much
But when we hurt this much we see a much clearer picture
So much different than we're taught to withstand
So when you see something good, you need to love it while you have a chance
Some people wait until the last moment
Then that last moment seems to come and go so fast don't it
And when the tragedy strikes we take a gasp
And ask ourselves why we never grabbed hold of it
So keep your treasures close and never sell them
And if you love somebody, you better tell them
Everybody moves on someday, we all know
But no matter what we try, it's hard to have to let them go
Sometimes we have to cry until we're all cried out
And tears keep coming until they're all dried out
And the fear keeps brewing and we don't know why
You see the pain that is death and now you feel like you want to die
'cause deep inside you lost a part of your soul
And you know, that they're never come home
It's so cold, It's over? For good? How is this good?
There's nothing I can say to make it go away
But I'm here. If you need me I'm just seconds away
Let this song still remind you that it's all okay
So when your world starts falling apart
Just let the music be the peace in your heart
Until we depart
You're never alone
He's with you, He's with you

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