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The Night I Laid You Down - text


We were young, maybe twenty
You wore a white dressing gown
Drinking wine and dancing slowly
On the night I laid you down

And the moonlight revealed your body
As the radio played some old Phil Collins songs
And we believed in something holy
On the night I laid you down

We had love in our eyes
We passion in our souls
There was fire in our kisses
But it was not a Phil Collins song

It might have been like Mike
The Mechanics
I don't know who that is
Yes, you do, he was the other guy in Genesis
Mmmm, I'm pretty sure that it was Phil Collins
No, it wasn't
On this night I laid you down

Any way
it doesn't matter
Any way
doesn't matter
We made love
We made love
'Til the dawn
Two hearts beating
Two hearts beating
is all we heard
Oh boy, here we go
Besides that old
There was fuckin' no
Phil Collins song

Well, it might have been that song from the movie with the jambox
Say anything
That's the one
Who the hell mixes up Peter Gabriel with Phil Collins
Well fuck you, I guess I'm no expert in fucking nineties music whatever
No, you're not eighties
On the night I laid you down
On the night I laid you down

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