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There's a four by four, blacked out four door
Ice cold six pack in the floorboard
That's got my name on it

Hot little chick, cherry bomb red lips
Sitting shotun, fresh tat on her hip
That's got my name on it

Dressed up looking like money
Headed in from the country

It's gonna get wild tonight
Gotta get that mixture right
DJ and a dance floor
Cant stop, we want more
There's a good time going down
And a getting loud rowdy crowd
Last call at three in the morning
That's got my name on it

It's almost time, there's a sold out line
Through the parking lot 'round the marquee sign
That's got my name on it

Shooting down that golden brown
Charcoal whiskey made in a town
That's got my name on it

Lights down, amps turned up
Everybody raise your cup

[Repeat Chorus]

[Guitar Solo]

There's a beer in a bucket
Waiting on me to shotgun it
That's got my name on it

[Repeat Chorus]

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