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Visions of Hope and Despair - text


Rise unvexed supply unto a lie
The proof of pleasure ex morality

Proclaims the grief of disbelief
To cause seduction for the slightest force

Forsaken the approach to live in mortal agony
Upon advice from fear and attitude towards the unforeseen
Confess annihilation of anxiety's remorse
And perish ever with convictions fixed forevermore

The whole new void between
Consuming all within
In solid pleasures not to be unseen

Eyes closed to deny the deepest tie
Indulgence has become reality

Acclaims the brief for a relief
Restore the generations kind by kind

Remind of the obscene
Unable the routine
Abandonment is sheer to be foreseen

Insanity's the one to find another way to sin
A fatal dissolution the answer lies within
Certain limits vanishing into thin air

Desperate fascination, contrite dependency
Insightful hesitation, ignite ascendency

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