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Venture and Value - text


Zeal is the key to decree obsolete
In destined positions derived from deceit
Treated life to ventures distincted from creed
Unlike magnificence of nature herself to breed

Shades go floating in among the living governed by expenses
Aught of all is left behind at death in this anticipation
Overestimation as accepted base for misconceptions
Agreeable perception as a mere sensation of the senses and values

Scattered asunder this theme intently
Abandon the world to decide sensibly
Between life and virtues for eternal need
Unlike nature of magnificence herself to heed

But pleasure is desirable and pain has to be avoided
The edge of rationality transformed herself to irony
And lustrous illusions feeding the atony
Backward progress to become immorality
At equal angles from this mutuality
Downward spiraled for provoking fatality

Consequences are annoying enjoying life without agony
Take advantage of gainful reservation suppose syllogism
That honesty advises reason be of highest propensity
But pleasure is desirable and pain has to be avoided

Knowledge achieved contractary of justice valued entirely
Punishment for society particularly pressing forward
With intent to injure conventions of a dying modernity
But pleasure is desirable and pain has to be avoided

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