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Soul Transition Interface - text


Soul transition
Soul interface

Our soul is lost in the moment we die
But on nanotechnology we rely
The cells are renewed diseases are fought
Eternity is a desirable thought

By storing the soul into hard-disk device
Transfer comprehension and savvy precise
But devoid of knowledge and memory cells
Recovery is incompletely as well

Our soul is stored in case of illness
Which is terminal and shows rapid progress
Our due to severe mortal injury
For healing or gaining another body

And once being restored into different body
The memory is not fitting the expectancy
But knowledge transfer is possible, too
If both are compatible in going through

Eternal life by soul device
The innate might be the price
But life is worth even erase
The soul transition interface

Our soul is lost the moment we die
But death could be caused by a vicious lie
Get rid of the soul to take the body
For freeing a mind from its soul custody

The flesh should be safe the harm should be week
The body is fresh the soul obsolete
By fixing the physical damage control
The host is prepared for a bodiless soul

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