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Sections of Fascinating Cruelty - text


The gentle breath of pain pleading
Is stimulating my conflicted heart
With sensual eyes vexed to uproot
The prurient wishes of an inner lust

Carnal desire, close inclanations
Arise the taste of resurrected zest
A sacrifise to dark temptations
Unleashes the gaze of everlasting accusations

Preserved for my flesh to die
In infinite mirrors

Yearning for mercy despite of malice
Through secrets of knowledge beyond to release
Like murder in bondage as act of caprice
The whispering wisdom of lust to increase

In shame of her crawl to appease the insane
With rising the revenant darkness in vain
Tears cover her eyes in that moment arcane
On their path unto ruinous scourge to release the chains

A vision bleak but neverending
For something wicked rising from the heart
The sentinel of pale surrender
Enhances the prophecies of my decay

Senseless delay to vanish basely
For keeping honesty a silhouette
I praise the dark desired feelings
An immanence of pathological explanations

Glorification ageless again
Releases the chains to profanity

Immortal flesh exempted
From the frigid infinity

Preserved for my flesh to die
In aeons to justify
Preserved for my flesh to die
My cruel fascination
Led reason astray

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