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Rage Towards Apathy - text


Sudden violation of elderly beliefs
For spiritless retention besides diurnal griefs
A solemn condemnation beneath the utter feasts
Despite endeavoured attitude towards irrationality

Foolish desires admired by dissipation
Therefore repent and arise from anxiety
Addicted to wallow in vice due to lack of under-
Standing demanding has ever been serious insight
(withstanding was never inside this destination)

The age of indecision has begun
In rage upon derision overdone
Engage relent precision for each one
Unholy liberation

Darkness descends to the assent in vanity
And separates displeasure from measure convenience
Convicted of bearing when staring at inauspicious
Valor a greater annoyance for integrated men

Humanity in purity
Baseness begun with the day of maturity
Retribution as solution
Entities of the adopted adulation
Deviously many agree
But violate the profanity to foresee
Falling apart for a new start
Gathering insanity of eternal art
Destination sin, propagate within, randomly begin
Peccantly destine, immanent spreading, freshen mental win

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