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Prescribed Destination - text


A dark way lies upon me, still I don't know the reason why
I cannot see the sense niether an end I can apply
The body travels restless through this never-ending gloom
My soul is jaded and I seem to know this timeless doom

Imaginating thoughts of dreams beyond the means of life
Reality is showing me we're living like a hive
A fading truth of hope decays, my life paseed by too fast
Now it's too late I have to pay the price for my bloodlust

Di I see the Future, when I see the Past?
Will there be an ending or will this be the end?

A dark way lies behind me, I want to know the reason why
In every breath I take, I comprehend that life's a lie
In chains of my own attitude I hear my victim's cry
My beloved hate refines as now my life has its reply

Raped of faith I'm now embraced by lunacy and rage
The sublimest creature appears to me and forces to engage
Sojourned in darkest shadows like a swifter silhouette
I'm stemmed and know the answers executed for my debts

You'll realize your fate by recognizing your life
There will not be another ending, my destination's prescribed...

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