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You are not satisfied with your appearance,
your self-confidence, and impulsiveness
So you'd like to manipulate your personality
improving yourself artificially
But no one knows how severe the change will be
affecting mind and personal interaction
Therefore we developed the mind simulator
Implementing whole brain emulation and beyond

My indecision stops my personal progress
My hesitancy causing apathetic lethargy
It's time to intervene rapidly forcing my success
Enhancing life's convenience by incrementing my self-efficiency

As we proceed we check your mind
to find the point starting the simulation
A questionnaire inside your brain
will make us see potential influence

As we succeed process can start
To execute the mind manipulation
If you like the resulting change
Come back soon or make a recommendation

My imperfection harmed my personal success,
inflationary back-fitting or social regress
Now I'll get appreciation as convenient life's progress
I can feel a strong decisiveness unfolding unexpected
Impulsiveness, Impulsiveness, Impulsiveness,
Impulsiveness starts here

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