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The depravity of my soul
Is going on to decide on my mind
I cannot stand the temptation to kill
Carving up a human throat

Stunning horror at my cold-bloodedness
Retreats the fear from my victim's face
Death wants to take his eternall toll
I'm satisfied, for this time

The blood on my hands
Where is the sense
I don't know the reason
But have to go on

I'm caught in my world
Voices tell me to hurt
I don't know the reason
But have to go on, I'm on bloodlust

I'm living on like there's no tomorrow
Left society a long time ago
My way of life has never been recognized
They never wanted me to be myself

But now I know what has to be done
My fate is clear, I'm the chosen one
By breaking out from my destination
I realized that my life can be changed

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