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Hypothetically (Remix) - text


[Verse 1: Lyfe]
La La La La La La La la la la la la
A fantasia would you wanna?
[Fantaisia:] I don't know lyfe.

What if I broke a monogamous agreement? What if I told you I lied, but didn't mean it? what if my one mistake had the potential to break up our happy home would you wanna know? What if I confesseded and though she didn't mean nothing sinced it happened your thinking about leaving. What if I suppresed it and made a vowel to never mess with another, Is it cool for me to smother the facts, Is it cool for me to cover the tracks? If you never, never know. Or would me not being honest hurt you more.... yeah... yeah

Hypothetically of course are there somethings better left unsaid? Or would you wanna know instead. Hypothetically of course are there some wars not worth fighting, some tears not worth crying out. Hypothetically of course what if this happened to you what would you want me to do?

[Verse 2: Fantasia]
well what if I told you that I had a confession? What if I said four years ago when we were arguing? he came to comfort me and I wound up pregnant? And I just can't say for sure if the baby's yours. mmm...mmm what if I confessed it and it turns out not to be your baby after you get tested it dsestroys what we've been blessed with. What I suppressed it cause technically your the baby's daddy any way. Is it wrong for me to want to stay? would you rather have me tear you away from the only family you know? Or is it just to big of a secret to keep it on the low oh yeah.

[Lyfe:] would u wanna know?
[Fan:] would u wanna know?
[Lyfe:] Tell me what you'd do?
[Fan:] Tell me what you'd do?
[Lyfe:] would you walk away or would you wanna stay?
[Fan:] Would you wanna know?
[Lyfe:] Would u wanna leave the past behind us?
[Fan:] Are you afraid that one day it may find us?
[Lyfe:] would it even matter?
[fan:] could it even matter?
[lyfe:] could it even matter?
[fan:] could it even mater
[lyfe:] should it even matter
[Fan:] should it even matter
[fan:] oh baby baby baby baby
hypothetically,hypothetically, hypothetically.

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