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Ghetto Superman - text


[Verse 1]
Ha Ha Ha Ha I'm Fine yo this yo boy ghetto superman aka lyfe aka don't got a wife what's up young blood what
up everybody talking bout living on Capitol Hill we're living on a hill you know talking 'bout front row front
row we're living on death row

We grew up in the gutta eating peanut butter sandwiches no jam
we looked up to the hustlers on the corner folks always screaming get your money man
had dreams of moving on up to the big leagues like George, Weezy and Florence
but it's kind of hard when polices having you killed ressercted
rearrested from old bench warrants

Yeah it's a struggle man but handle it the best we can only difference between folks that's free and
folks in jail some of us got caught on our way to heaven taking a short cut through hell

Ghetto Superman (Superman) faster than a (swoop) Cadillac they wanna be talk beaten when the polices
pull you back yeah it's a bird it's a plane no it's Ghetto Superman talk slicker than a republican
sold almost as much dope as Uncle Sam
your friendly neighborhood Superman

[Verse 2]
If you played on my playground you would be use to hearing steak outs they shooting lost my daddy in a
shoot out just a blue while another family going had dreams of finding a good job so he wouldn't have to
run (nigga I'm gonna stick up kid) finally get what we deserve instead of having a table they diverse



It's a bird it's a plane no it ghetto superman you all [4x]

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