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Once because we always were there.
I'm impressed you've never seemed so scared,
and you still don't know.
But I found comfort in this bottle and you out of site,
out of mind and nowhere close to being,
sober straight I've seen that look in me.
Don't ever let me see those words on your lips,
it's just me,it's just me.
So yeah yeah well now its peace in the form of a dove.
And yeah yeah its peace and love or just whatever goes down,
easily, consuming our bodies; it's your fight this night.

What the hell's it to me, you still are what I think.
(Sky and buildings, lay so neatly.)
Keep those pictures around just to stay awake.
(Calm that leaves me safely dreaming.)
And we wait for winter, but no we wait forever.

It was desire represented by a ring with an angel,
I stayed until you fell asleep, but yeah you fell for me.
And lost the ring so I hope there's still
a piece of me upon your bedroom floor.
Where you curl up at night,
this nicotine is your air.
Stay to the face but feelings go over your head.

Once the sleep comes its over.
So both of us saw what it was,
everything you were every time.
A favorite of my dreams,
you've seen all that is me.
So sure you should take that,
it's one more mile, just the same.

Some say that, kings fall from grace.
So now we sit like kings amongst this,
crowd, is gone so speak to me.

Some nights she still charms her way out
and hopes to leave with a morning of sleep.

Text přidal Moonblade

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