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My friend Ryan offered good advice
So I took a slice and sailed through to mellow skies
There is nothing wrong with being nice
Unless it’s just a front to get yourself by
And I can tell, so what the hell
I don’t think I really need them in my life
Sometimes I wish that bird would up and die
Tear through crayola skies
And now I sit at home alone, watch TV, mope on the phone
And Annie meets the moon, it is dawn in Paris though
I want to un-know the swell I felt under your hex
Your floral dress, your silver wire specs
Cindy moved to the other side
And there she lived as if she’d died
Death cult paradise
Why don’t you end it where it lies?
I got home and had another try
But Ryan tells me all the time
He’s got the same damn problem as mine
Minimal heartbreak feels nice

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