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The Great Fall - text


Lost in the endless echoed screams
Distended into pitch, a filthy urge rises
And a wrathful voice
In an always hungry void

Darkness brought forth the Great voice
A gift, hunger, struggle
The black diamond
Hidden in the coils of death

Into the cave, an endless fall
Riding succubus, writhing in pain
Her eyes scream with flames
Sow fear
Follow me in lust

Diva, ride me far away
Through the depths
Into the lair of the coiled beast

Crying forth in ancient tongues
The prophecy, the primeval storm
Hail the Hordes of hate
Ready to be evoked upon this world
The black blade

Great serpent
Father of wisdom and scourge
Leviathan, god of death
Merciless upon the slaves of trinity
In the fires of Eden His throne shines

Text přidala AgnesObscure

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