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The Faceless One - text

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Hear me now, Conjuror
Hear the howling night
I passed to this world
Through the webs of time
I bring word of what becomes
I sew the path of Their return
From black ancient waters
From blasphemous scrolls
In forbidden rites of the all-seeing eye
Blood covers inscriptions
Rising serpents swarm
Their black tails become as one
Shaping the fearful form of Yheg
In his arms you will wake
Without flesh
Time is nothing against our lasting!
Sacrifice the Earth!
Descend her into hell!
Miasmal euphoria filling up the air
Trembling is the firmament of the earth
Devouring black fire feasting on Man
In fear praise my name
Black sun rising filing the eyes of Man
Ye shall come recollect this world
With the whole of their grace
The claws of terror, the outer mist
Winged death - Crawling Chaos!
I am the faceless one
I am the all-seeing eye
Through blood in winds
My ghouls raise the void for me
And I shall speak
Through throat-cutting of the sacred goat
in the fires of night fucking the witch
Beasts licking my hands!
Titans of purest wrath!
Under my onyx throne
I collect the death of the worlds!

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