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The Calling Depths - text


I hear thy call!

The great Serpent, the enormous worm
With iron teeth and sharpened claws
Fearless Mother - Shine!
Dweller in the dark
In the depths of Man's soul
Fire rising within thy coiled form
Awakening Thee, Oh Ancient One!
Break the chains of false light

Shine! Shine! Oh Mighty One!
Feared throughout all times
Mother of endless depth
Darkness resting upon Thy divine form

The Great Serpent! The enormous worm
With iron teeth and sharpened claws
Fearless Mother- Shine!
Pure is thy dwelling
Pure is thy wrath
Thy words are shredding flesh into dust

Black Water shine - Tiamat!
Black Water shine - Tiamat!

Call for thy sons - Thou, who bore them all!
They are giving the serpent's form
Sharp of tooth, merciless of fang
They shall not lie down in peace
Until thou awakest above all thrones!


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