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Black Shadow God Slaying the Worlds,
No Darkness can be washed away from the path He chooses to go forth
Abysmal howling from dormant Depths
Within the order of Ma'at He swallows the Crown
Darkness, rebirth without end
In Fyres of Af-Ra
Dance oh Harlot of lewdness
between Typhonian pillars-flames
In the temple of the Black Latent Light
Ecstatic chant of death in the air
From the cavity where His shrine is hidden from the sun
We scream, Apepe!
Dry up the riverbeds of life!
Souls eater
Gods eater
Drink the worlds in your silent scream
11 heads of the Apophis Burning
On the seventh hour, headless holy host
On the seventh hour swallowing all souls
By the seventh lighthouse End of All
On the seventh coil we drink from the chalice
Apep! Apepi! Apofis! Tyfon!

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Sun Eater

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