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Night Sea Sorcery - text

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In the depths of salty waters remains his imprisoned flesh
Sending visions to His devotees
All shining dreamers with black spark within
Answer this calling forth
Waking when moons will reach black rites time
And twist the eyelids of witches
Chanting his name in the cursed winds of night
They take our spell to Dark Waters
Ghouls of night breaking through the lands
From the depths where His eye remains and glow
They preach of becoming of the Mighty One, preparing the Earth for ruling
We summon Thee from all hells of Death, Great Beast and God, Leviathan.
We summon Thee Black Winds of Night, the storms revenge to shake Earth's sands
We summon Thee Angels from Depths, release the chains from Tiamat child
Come forth Black Shining One!
Your servants are bow before your word
Hanbane flowers and mandrake root
With serpents blood to draw seal of calling
With ashes of corpses to mark our heads
To forget the world of the living
From the night hills of dark rites and howling woods
We see thick mist coming from the sea
It cover the grave stones, tombs and drawn the temple
The calling sigil reflects moon light
His husks glow and twist
before our eyes
In star gates of night sky eternal

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