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Hail prince of death!
Hail Thy Lord Lvcifer!

Oh Great Manifestor!
Oh Fallen Star!
That emanates with purest Wrath!
Malevolent and Divine
Transforming flame
Awake a beast on the face of Man!

Under Thy dark rays,
Trembling I stand awake
In morbid yesodian realms
From black hole appears
Thy word - like a spear

What becomes is might!
Of serpent and of wrath!
Hungry are claws of Thy Lord!
(That are) ripping the seed of Abel!

Oh trinity, most cursed is Thy light
With purest joy I bleed thee out
From my heart

Oh Father who art in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Release me from Earth's flesh

Saturnians moons
Are the altars of His place
Where sabbatic flames must feed to give
In fog around the black monolith
Thick death
Passing the key

Oh holy darkness
Ancient waters - rip me apart
Black waves dissolve my ego
Destroying the illusion of human life

What flaming swords of Cherub's guards
You offer hidden it in the dark!
Glorious is the gift for the Man
That speaks through the inner Daemon

Bathe the world with blood
No flesh shall be spared
Turn Thy harvest of souls into an
Infernal hurricane

Oh Father which art in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Release me from Earth's flesh,
Flesh, Flesh, FLESH

Fallen, fallen, banished from heaven
The One that blessed the sins of the Man
We wait for a call, we look for a sign
To raise Thee in rivers of Christian blood
Hail Thy Lord Lvcifer!
Hail Thy Lord!
Hail Victorious Darkness!
Hail black flame!

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