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In Fornication Waters - text


Mighty whore
With no submission
Alighting lust even in the corpse flesh
Blessed me
Oh Blood Queen
Mother to whom I pour my lust
Flame me!
In menstrual bath!

Your blood shall be my Fyre!
Burn me in your Cursed Communion

Enter my gardens of rape
Where the menstrual wine I taste
Bathe me in Nightmares Ecstasy

Sister of shades
The Wickedness
In Fornication Waters Baptize Me !

Mother of abortion
Damned Waters Howling
Your lust is burning on the Hills of Sabbath
Eros and Thanatos entwine in Thee

Blind Dragon Ride
My Inner Sanctum
Awaken of Moon Blood

The Chalice, The Womb, My Grave
Darkened Light
I lick the KALA of black astral

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Video přidala AgnesObscure

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