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Husk of Impurity - text

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Volcanic fire-breath of Wrath
Attack and disperse in the dark
Releasing from the crown
I melt in a cosmic grave
Conjuration of the nocturnal one
In black mirror scrying entity of night
Primordial Lord
Show me the streams of blood
In the deep sleep I draw into black soil
Towards the gates of Death
Transformation, descend unto me
Through eleven worlds of fear
Falling down Into shadow self
Under the wings of death
One more step to pass the abysmal gates
One more chain
To break from the sphere of flesh
Burning the last ray of light
To uncreate thy guard
The guardian of heavens
Dying eye of god.
A triumph of disappointment
To those above
Shines through my fall and rise
A tear of anger drops in the dark
Calling in echo
Enter, enter the shadow...
Resonance devouring Flesh
Reversing Light's creation
Reborn with deamon will
And eye that kills
Passing the tunnels of terror
Chaos come!
The dawn of god has come
Release me from his crown
Judgement that enslaves millennia
In darkness resembling god
Disperse light's creation

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