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Fyre Made Flesh - text


Fyre made flesh
On the Fields of Cremation
Comes the Chariot of Blackened Fyre
That brings fearsome Death

I am the Fyre that enters the temple and eats the hearts of the priests
I turn into ashes your offering, prayers to the false one

Curse You All that gave up sight!
Fall under that cross, image, dog
None of you shall look upon you me
I am the Horns of Death
The One who pours the End

Of flaming feathers and Ashes of Heavens
No Holy sang
As I, the Torture, walk through the Gardens of Ra

I am the One who walks on my own flesh
I drown you in streams of Hate
As I bathe millions in pain

Your strength melts under my gaze
I carry my Throne on Black Lava of Abominations
No Holy Name, No Seal, No Power closeth before my Fyre

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