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Death's Magnetic Sleep - text


When the subterranean depths will call
Blood will melt with the womb of nights
Where the Timeless void drags me down

In a cave of screams
Undead realms remain
Their uncooked ancient form
Buried by time

Bestial breath dwells out there
By the chains of repetition
Torturing thousands of saints

Sulphur burn!
Hypnotise my eyes

In the chambers of Dis - decaying spirits
Their shapes melting into blackness

Without the slavish light
Darkness shining bright
Melt me in the abyss

Death's magnetic sleep
Profane rays of ferocious Majesty

Upon the gates of resurrection
Dancing Death
The Black Eye drinks
The blood of self-sacrifice
Bestia centauri - release the chains
Watchtowers of darkness
Let us fall
Into death's magnetic sleep

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Video přidala AgnesObscure

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