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Straight Back to Hell - text

The judgement day has come, the rockets have been launched
Counting down to nuclear blast.
The sky turned crimson red, shrouding earth with pitch-black veil
Bringing fire from the toxic clouds
The alarm rang with the warning sound,
Sending us to the underground.
(I) didn't expect that I would feel so well,
Waiting for the train straight back to hell.
Beneath the ruins of the city made of glass,
We live among those concrete metro walls.
Now the surface seems to be a wasteland of the weirdest dreams,
Ruled by the creatures and the Dark Ones.
Don't you dare to ever walk alone,
Or your bones will turn to stone.
For a long time I haven't slept too well,
Waiting for the train straight back to hell.
Hiding from the creatures of the night,
I'm looking for a reason to stay alive.
20 years have passed without a sign of hope,
God I'm glad that I found this rope.
So my body hangs here as an empty shell,
Waiting for the train straight back to hell.

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