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I swear it caught me by surprise (Da way I see you in these eyes)
There ain´t another that can face
The challenger before a place
I´ve let it go, I´ve plead my case (I´ve let it go, I´ve plead my case)

And I´m scared, ´cause I´m there
To love you and be there
Through whatever, I´m just hoping
Me and you can stay together

If you want me to stay, I´ll never leave you
Won´t play for real, it´s just me and you
Can´t count the ways that I feel you
And can´t sleep the days if I don´t see you

You´re my one, my only, and I neva wanna leave you lonely
Your - strength makes me believe that you can
(Give a definition of a real man)
In my future thoughts, you are in my plans
Wish our destiny could be in my hands
Who knows if you do feel the same
(Once there my feelings ain´t gon´ change)

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