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At the times when my poor soul was weak
and closed and cold and empty
When ground was moving beneath ny feet
and friend forgot to be friendly
I burned a letter from you
but what good will it do?
And I was thinking there must be another start
And something moved in my heart
The snow was falling on his head
he had to weat a coat so warm
To help him and protect him
against that winter storm
And right on the corner of the street
He dreamed of the lovers who’d hapilly meet
And he thought of a kiss as some kind of art
And something moved in his heart
But sometimes, you know, it seems so hard
When you’re trying to burn a fireproof floor
And you just need to take off your guard
Before you decide to walk into the door
There is a singer singing the song of love
there is a poem written on the wall
There is a blizzard howling through the town
like many times before
There is a stranger looking for the wings of the dove
And I know that he will find his true love
And I know his dream will not go apart
And something will move in his heart

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