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Can I take your time and light on some thoughts of mine ?
What does it matter the thoughts they think ?
Find your ground and watch them sink
The 9 to 5 world cycle has got us stuck in a lane
We slowly lose our name trying to stick with society's parade
Kouhai bow to you senpai
On to your knees
Say you're kidding please !
These ranks, classes and clicks you've made
Your hiding under the name
You know the fact of this matter is we are all the same

Now, Now, If you can stand your ground
And jump off society's merry-go-round
Can I turn this page ?
Can I take you to the next stage ?
Take a breath
Take your time
Take a seat
Take it down that drink
Drink it down
Till you
Crack a smile up nice and proud
Let's all be loud
Play the song !
Sing along

We should
Skip to a little number
Skip to a little number
All we you can fade away

When you
Skip to a little number
Skip to a little number

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