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Ding Ding Licky Licky Bong - text

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It seems like it only happened yesterday
Now that I think about it
Tears cannot bring you joy
But joy can bring you tears
Even though I cry today
I will not hide it
It is for a different reason - joy
That is why I'll shout it out
For the world to hear
I say hello, hello happiness
Oh Jah, thank you
For another day, I say
Ding ding licky licky licky bong [x3]
Another tear drop falls
But I don't care
I took a wrong turn in life before
But I've paid my dues
Objects in the rear view mirror
They appear closer than they are
If you don't talk the talk
Don't walk the walk
If you won't please, don't tease
Another lesson learned
I'm gonna shout it out again
Hello, hello happiness
Oh God, thank you
For another chance
There is no future in the past
So shout it out...

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