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Old man sitting by the side of the road
He's not watching the birds today
He's not watching the sunset like he always does
He's looking at the future
He has seen the past
School boy passes by interrupts his thoughts
He said sir, can you spare me a dollar
I got to make in time for my grade 8 class
I am fresh out of cigarettes
And I can't be late
The old man said
The world is changing
Take your time, look around
Make the right decision
He has no crystal ball
But he sees the future
Doesn't like what he sees, but what can he do
Little girl passes by with a baby in her arms
He thinks it's her mother's
But no, it is her own
She's only twelve years old for crying out loud
With his trembling finger
He wipes away the tears
If this is the future, he doesn't wanna be part of it
The world is changing
Take a time, look around
Make the right decision
Old man sitting by the side of his bed.
When he goes to sleep tonight
He won't have no sweet dreams
He'll be haunted by ghosts from the future
Welcome to the future.

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