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Summer dream you killed the Queen
And all the sea's a'fire
Where is the sister gone again, oh father?
You stole the tarts and joined the queue
To cool a fool's desire
Oh won't you stop the clock
Eternity can wait for ever
White the room around the fading shadows of a lifetime
Where is my heart beat been and gone, oh mother!
Life was just a port of call - a paranoic pastime
Where's the joke in being me at all to face
The grave now
("Delirium" instrumental interlude)
("No Reason or Rhyme") reason or rhyme, fool's Old Man Time
Goodbye. Fare thee well my friend
Hang on boy, if you can:
You're so lonely at the end -
Hang on boy, if you can:

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....Where The Groupies Killed The Blues

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