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I got to find a good time TRAIN
I know you say I'm looking pale AS fever
All you want to do is GROAN
But now I say I'M GLAD you're on your own
The summer's been and gone again
I don't know where and I don't CARE WHERE I'm going
You tried so hard to bring me down
But I'm not SIMPLY everybody's clown
Stop the world I need a little time right now
In my head I'm so confused
BUSY little people in their BIG machine
Haven't got the time to feel abused
It's not that I'm the restless kind
But now I've go to satisfy my mind
I haven't got a thing to lose
And anyway I've got no time to choose
Summer's been and gone again
I don't know where
and I don't care WHERE I'm going
When you see me at the break of dawn
PULL YOURSELF together till I'm gone
Everybody's clown, everybody's clown

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