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The wanderer I am, a king and a bard
Came from the north, changed my crown for a harp

You're not the one from the dark we'd have saved

Pardon me for not being Gwydion the brave

The castle's destroyed, all rescue must fail
All further rest will be to no avail
I still fear the evil, we must make haste
The cauldron born crawling, there's no time to waste

Crunching and munching for poor Gurgi
The enemies gather, his eyes did see
So many grim warriors ready for attack

As danger is lurking we can't turn our backs

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Before day turns into night to Caer Dathyl we must ride
The sons of the House of Don to warn
If divided we will fall, all for one and one for all
And anew an army will be born

What will you do, put your heart to the test
What will become of your very own quest
March to Caer Dathyl or look for Hen Wen

Gwydion's task must be carried out then
Tell me the way and I'll go it alone
While you may conduct this little girl home

No one will conduct the Princess of Llyr
Warriors of Cauldron Born - I have no fear
Assistant pig-keeper, you won't go alone

With the fearless warriors Gurgi will go

A Fflam never draws back from battle and fray
Through walls of enemies I've carved my way

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Now night falls and we are in need of rest

We just can't go further on
We have never heard your bardish skills
Take your harp and play us a song
It plays by itself

Tunes of farms and castles left behind
Our homes we're no longer near
On my mind I can see and hear the sea
And the White Horses of Llyr
Home we long to be

The Spirit:
Come back to the harvest in the meadows
Come back to fly with the White Horses of Llyr
Come back to the clearing in the lush forest
Come back to your castle by the sea

On we must ride, no time to lose
Two deathless warriors on our heels without remorse

Hungry and many days on the run
Gurgi is shivering with fever, fight with all force

We can't avoid them, battle we'll give
A spell of magic will not work the way it should

All hope is lost, this fight cannot be won
Gurgi and the fearless warlords
Face death in the woods

Too far from Annuvin
The deathless retreat
And we must continue
Before we face defeat

Down from the mountains and along the lake
Here by its shores
We will find the way to Caer Dathyl

Never have I seen waters so black
No trace of light can be seen in these waters still

Bitter sweet lake has a mighty grip
Warlords and Gurgi can fight but are pulled down

Beneath the surface the company sinks
Only to find the kingdom where no one must drown

Down below the surface
The fair folk does reign
The dwarves are to live here
The men to be slain

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
In the kingdom of the dwarves
Where for gold they'll ever carve
At the mercy of their king we are
Must we stay forever here

Time for days of doom is near
And the enemy's no longer far
In the kingdom down below
Gurgi found what he'd not know

This is where Hen Wen would try to hide
Now the magic pig is found
We must get back above ground
Onward to Caer Dathyl we must ride

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