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The Quest for the White Pig - text


Riders of evil, the Horned King's men
Gurgi tell us what your poor eyes have seen
A white pig that's roaming the woods of these lands
We must find her wherever she has been

Gurgi knows nothing in his poor tender head
Crunching and munching he would crave instead

The quest for the white pig, it must go on
Find her before the horned king knows she's gone
It's not in vain
Save Prydain from darkness and evil reign

Gurgi has seen her, the little white one
Across the river she went far away
Swimming and splashing she would not be found
Though armies of darkness were shaking the ground

Now we stand side by side
Without fear of death we must fight
Though the Cauldron Born can't be slain
Life will never be the same

Brave we fought yet to no avail
Fight the undead - one must fail
Chained and captured now we're taken to
Spiral Castle where Achren rules

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