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Swords for Prydain - text


Welcome to the fair folk's land
It's been eternity
Since we've had visitors from the world of men
Don't bore me with requests, you shall be prisoners
And in a few years' time I'll listen to your words again

Arawn's ready for attack and if he takes the land
Even in your deepest caves you will not be safe

Never you must break your word
Lend us a helping hand
Give us arms, food and a guide to lead us from your cave

You want to ruin me, just come and bury me
How lucky could you be to find a king so fine
Just take whate'er you need, lost in your human greed
And better be gone soon before wasting more time

Now that Hen Wen is back with me
No greater joy could ever be

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Now battle's at hand, we have failed for we were too slow
Our swords for Prydain, through fire we must go
See the Horned King again, between us and the castle walls
Thousands of warriors, we'll fight until we fall

The magic pig ran off again
Eyes blazing full of fear
Sensing evil's presence, never would she stay

I long to be back home again
The old small garden for to tend
Much rather I would work the land that wield a sword

Dear master must not fight alone
With him brave Gurgi will now stand
And never leave the side of his mighty warlord

Pray, be seated on your horse
And ride as fast as you can

Striking left and right
Until we can't avoid the fight
See the Horned King on our heels
We can't escape again

Now the hour of truth has come
I see a flashing light

Brave you fought, my valiant friends
You stood well through the fray
Had it not been for you
Prydain wouldn’t see another day
In the forest Hen Wen whispered
And the Horned King's name confessed
Calling evil by its name will rend it powerless

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Now battle is won, hope is found once again today
Our swords for Prydain, Arawn has gone away
Once again we will fight, but today victory is here
Fly flags of Prydain
Gone are pain and fear

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