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In this cell there is no air to breathe
Walls of black my only friend
Gwydion, what has she done to you
Is this where the journey ends
Prydain's lost if we can't find a way
To stop the cauldron born's cruel hands
But tied up in the darkness I am lost
There is no hope for our lands

Can you give my bauble back to me
Down into the dark it fell
Are you tied - I'll come and free your hands
And Achren can never tell
Never have I met someone like you before
Assistant pig-keepers are rare
Though your wits must be small I believe
To come into the evil's lair

Taran & Eilonwy:
Side by side
We'll leave these halls of pain
Where the undead come to dwell
Away we must go where the winds may blow
And to save these lands from hell
Side by side we'll leave these walls of death
And Achren must never know
On our hands and knees heading for the trees
Through the pathways down below

Down in the chamber of warriors gone
Arms we must get, refugees on the run
Out of the dungeons and into the night
Earthquakes and thunder, the skies are alight

As lightning strikes Spiral Castle comes down
No one escaped, in the dark we're alone
Come see the sword which I saved from the dead
But never touch it - it's what you must dread

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